Imbue Others with Their Own Intelligence (Help Them Connect the Dots)

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WHAT Imbue Others with Their Own Intelligence
WHY    To help leaders make the connections necessary to solve their own problems, take leadership and ownership, and transfer the skill to others.
HOW    Help Them Connect the Dots


Listen and Observe

When a leader is overwhelmed, she might tell an unwieldy story, making it challenging to sort out the most salient issue(s). Look for cues that will help           you identify what thread(s) to pull.
“I notice that your voice sounded stronger or had more energy when you talked about __________.  Let’s focus on that.”
“I notice that your hand gestures became very animated when you talked about ______. Does that observation of an energy shift feel accurate to you? Would it be helpful to explore this topic”?


Be Curious and Engage Strengths 

  •     Ask nonjudgmental questions about how they resolved previous similar challenges.

  •     Remind them of their identified strengths.

  •      Help them connect the dots between previous experiences and the current challenge.

  •     “Here is a list of some of your strengths we have identified over time. Which ones can you call on for this challenge/problem?”


Potential Traps

  •      Being attached to outcome

  •      Believing that progress only comes from telling rather than asking

  •      Being impatient

  •      Viewing people as obstacles not allies