See the Higher Self (Coach to Assets)

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WHAT  See the Higher Self

WHY     To identify assets and strengths that can be leveraged in other situations
HOW    Coach to Assets


Begin with Self

Before your session:

  • Imagine the person at moments when you saw or heard her succeeding.

  • Inhale listen / exhale compassion.

With Leader

  • Inhale 4-counts / Exhale 8-counts

  • Ask leader to set intention:

  • (A) “What do you need more of?” (example: peace/compassion/patience) 

  • (B) “What do you want to infuse your school community with?” (example: joy/peace/love)

  • Inhale [A] / Exhale [B]

Ask Assets-Based Questions

  • “What success, big or small, have you recently had?” Or, narrow the frame to an area of development.

  • “What did you do to make this happen?”


Honor Story (Listen) / Capture Strengths

  • As the leader tells her story, write present-imperative verbs/phrases that capture strengths.

Imbue Her with Her Own Intelligence

(Help Her Connect the Dots)

  • Read the list of strengths to the colleague, asking after each, “Is it clear to you how I got this word or phrase?”


Shift to Address a Challenge

  • “What’s the challenge you want to focus on?”


Leverage and Imbue

  • “Which of these strengths, or other strengths, can you leverage to address this challenge?”


Practice (if applicable)

  • Practice conversation/meeting/lesson plan/PD using identified strengths



  • Identify next steps

  • Ask: “What’s clearer to you now?” Or: “What leadership lesson have you learned today?”

  • Ask: “Did we meet your intention?”


Potential Traps

  • Spending too much time capturing strengths

  • Making the strengths too specific to one situation

  • Naming the leader’s strengths for her

  • Not noticing and/or not interrupting deficit-based language in the leader’s description of success