Acknowledge Mystery (Trust Intuition)

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WHAT Acknowledge Mystery
WHY     Intuition informs decision making and problem solving, and is effective when coaching areas that involve human dynamics. Intuition helps us                       sort large amounts of data as leaders talk their way to understanding.
HOW    Trust Intuition


Be Present

  •      Listen to and trust your inner voice to access what you unconsciously know.

  •      Read environmental and nonverbal cues to receive what’s unspoken.

  •      When you hear yourself say, “Something tells me________”; or “I have a hunch that________,” this is an intuitive moment.

  •      Observe judgment rise and watch it float by.

Example of what to say when you have an intuitive moment:

  • “As I listen to your story, this phrase (or sentence, or thought) presented itself to me. I’m wondering if it has any meaning for you.” (If the leader says no, let it go and move on. It may make sense later.)


Potential Traps

  •      Allowing reason to interfere with the unconscious mind

  •      Allowing judgment to cloud intuition

  •      Being attached to outcome, which detaches you from intuition

  •      Being self-critical

  •      Feeling stressed, hungry, or fatigued, which blocks intuition

  •      Allowing an intuitive moment to interfere with listening