Appreciate That Everyone Has a Piece of the Truth (Gather Perspectives)

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WHAT Appreciate that Everyone Has a Piece of the Truth
WHY     There is valuable data, insight, and wisdom in the views and experience of others, whether they agree or disagree with the leader.
HOW    Gather Perspectives


Be Curious

  •      “What is your leadership team’s perspective?”

  •      “Have you talked with a novice teacher and a seasoned teacher about how this decision will impact their teaching?”

  •      “How might __________ describe the situation?” (If the leader says, “I don’t know,” ask, “If you did know, what would you say?”)

  •      “As you make new policy decisions that will impact the community, what are your community leaders’ suggestions?”

  •      “As you make this new policy decision, what steps have you taken to discover how it might affect families?”

  •      “This sounds like an opportunity for student input.”


Interrupt Patterns

  • “What keeps you from getting input from your colleagues (or families/community members) about this?”

  •  “Your pattern is to try to do everything yourself instead of delegating. What is clearer to you about that now?”


Imbue Others and Connect the Dots

  • “The last time you engaged families in planning the evening, the event exceeded your dream of it. What strengths did you use that you can call on for    this gathering?” 


Potential Traps

  •      Certainty that there is only one right solution

  •      Believing that progress only comes from telling rather than asking

  •      Being impatient

  •      Focusing only on results

  •      Considering only the leader’s point of view

  •      Leading with ego