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Belans clearly elaborates the essential equity questions  that should be at the heart  of every decision  a school leader makes.  Dr. Mahalia Hines, President, Common Ground Foundation; Board Member, Obama Foundation; former Board Member, Chicago Board of Education   





Suggested steps to set a successful path for new hires, and for colleagues promoted from within.

                                                  This process can also fortify a sense of belonging.

  •  Collaborate with new team members to create expectations and milestones, determine a plan

          for areas to  develop, and set dedicated one-on-one weekly meetings to follow through.

  •  Take time to introduce new leaders: highlight their talents, strengths, and skills, how their roles intertwine, and how their presence contributes to your organization's evolution. 

  •   Provide time and space for colleagues to learn each other’s stories.  



  •    Create a culture that practices speaking truth to power without fear or barter.  

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          Onboard a Sense Of Belonging
                                  Linda Belans, EdD.

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