“Everyone needs a coach, but very few people get a coach who listens, pushes, and empowers you to solve your own problems. In States of Being, Belans mixes cutting-edge neuroscience with timeless philosophical thought, all while stimulating your mind, guiding your heart, and magnifying your soul. She has beautifully captured her methods in a powerful, practical, and inspiring book. States of Being might be view as a book for education leaders in US schools, but it is actually relevant to anyone who wants to support another human being to improve, believe, shine, and give.”—Gaurav Singh, Founder and CEO, 321 Education Foundation (Mumbai, India)

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Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2020

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Dr. Belans maneuvers skillfully between details of her coaching model (including questions to ask that can be immediately applied) and storytelling real life examples to illuminate each particular detail; so, in addition to imparting practical information, the book is also very engaging and reads, to me, like a delicious novel.

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