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From Description to Prescription to Action

Updated: May 31, 2020


This space is for people to post anti-racist activism to 1) Learn how and/or borrow 'scripts' to interrupt racism and dismantle white supremacy. 2) Practice a similar imagined scenario. 3) Feel emboldened to act within a larger anti-racist community.


Black and Brown bodies are sacrificed because that's the final moment of all the smaller, uninterrupted moments that came before. There are anti-racist actions white people can take before situations become catastrophic. These moments have power. Our silence and inaction are our complicity.


OK. I'll start...Here is a conversation I recently had.

When the white termite inspector recently said to me with anger and annoyance:

Termite inspector: Did you see that? A Black lady was just riding my tail as I was trying to pull over to your house.

LB: It is not an important part of your story that the woman is Black. It is not necessary for you to identify the driver as Black. That has nothing to do with what happened.

TI: Well, ok, but she was right up on my tail as I was trying to pull over and it was scary.

LB: It is not necessary to note that she is Black. This is not what made it dangerous for you. It is not OK for you to make that part of your story to me.

TI offered no response. But he found that he has no home here for his racism.

Please post your experience so that we can continue to expand our anti-racist community.

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