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                                            You Made It!


                                                                Linda Belans, EdD.


Fearless Leaders and Teachers,


What. A. Year! You made it! You met an abrupt crisis of epic proportions, and through it, you were determined to:

Rise up. Rebound. Succeed.

You called on intentional and intuitive strengths -- some that you didn't know you had.

I invite you to come together with your teams to take a deep dive into the prompts below that speak to you:



Tell the story of what you did to help lead a successful year.

  • What did you do to make students want to Log On?

  • How did you keep the well-being of students, families, and colleagues at the center of your imagination and experience?

  • How did you create a sense of belonging?


                                        Process: Coach to Assets and Strengths


Imagine ways you can use these strengths to inform how you enter buildings anew, how you view students, families, teachers and leaders. How to create a sense of belonging, design curriculum, hire, create bench depth, engage communities and so on.


Engage this model with people you lead and guide it through your entire organization including students and families. They deserve credit for their part in rising to this moment that will one day be in the history books they read. Invite them to engage their strengths moving forward.


What a pivotal moment in your personal and organization's evolution! 

With deep gratitude for all that you do for our nation's children.


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