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Groundbreaking … Belans thoughtfully integrates real examples from her coaching experience with theory and qualitative data… An innovative, holistic analysis of the coaching process will surely make an indelible impact on the future of educational leadership studies.

                              Daniel R. Porterfield, President and CEO of  The Aspen Institute

Belans clearly elaborates the essential equity questions  that should be at the heart  of every decision  a school leader makes. Dr. Mahalia Hines, President - Common Ground Foundation, Board Member - Obama Foundation, former Board Member - Chicago Board of Education   

States of Being Empowers us to coach from a place of love, compassion and empathy. Dr. Belans teaches us to honor and recognize the humanity in others, the adults we lead and the students we have the privilege of serving. I am a better human being in the world as a result.  -- Constance Ranae Jones, CEO Noble Schools

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Image by Annie Spratt

States of Being conveys the urgent need for compassionate and equitable leadership in our schools. Belans has distilled decades of coaching experience into a methodology that all leaders and mentors will be able to apply their own coaching practices. She is clear at every moment that leadership must be grounded equity and social justice, and she never wavers from her insistence that students’ well-being should be the center of educational decision making. The 11 states of being presented in this book are practical, insightful, and most shocking in their immediate effectiveness. Belans shows once and for all that reductive or deficits-based leadership is damaging, unproductive, and most of all unnecessary. Here, she presents the assets- and equity-based tools to create true transformational change.

Belans mixes cutting-edge neuroscience with timeless philosophical thought, all while stimulating your mind, guiding your heart, and magnifying your soul. She has beautifully captured her methods in a powerful, practical, and inspiring book.  —Gaurav Singh, Founder and CEO,  321 Education Foundation. Mumbai, India

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