A Guide To Help Save Democracy

Collectively Control & #ChangeTheNarrative *

  Linda Belans, EdD


  • Move beyond Description to Prescription. Otherwise, we amplify & promote opposition's message, & build their momentum.


  • Post productive action we can take, with contact info.


  • Thank local, state, & federal officials when they publicly rebuke white supremacists, defend Democracy, & make policies that help Americans thrive. 

  • Bombard your** senators & representatives with clear, declarative, brief statements.  I demand that you remove 45 from office. Otherwise, you are the domestic enemy you have sworn to protect us against. 


  • Correct media every time headlines mislead or lie like NPR's: "January 20 is the day that Donald Trump is scheduled to leave office." Your headline should read: 'January 20 is when Joe Biden will become 46th president of the United States. Trump is not "scheduled" to leave. The law forces him to leave.

  • Push the media to retrain itself to focus on the Biden presidency. 


  • Post images & stories frequently of Biden, Harris, and their cabinet.


  • Do not post images/words of 45 or those who align themselves with him. 


  • Post & amplify Joe Biden's presidency & policies to infuse them into the zeitgeist to #ChangeTheNarrative. 



George Lakoff: Truth Sandwich

Timothy Snyder: On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons From The Twentieth Century.

Soledad O'Brien: Very Opinionated with Soledad O’Brien

Eric Boehlert: Press Run

Dr. Eddie Glaude: Begin Again: James Baldwin’s America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own, 

**Elected officials primarily care about what *their* constituents think.

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