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Belans clearly elaborates the essential equity questions  that should be at the heart  of every decision  a school leader makes.  Dr. Mahalia Hines, President, Common Ground Foundation; Board Member, Obama Foundation; former Board Member, Chicago Board of Education   

Strategy or Tactic?
Linda Belans, EdD.

Why are some ideas, culture shifts, or dynamic changes successfully implemented and others aren't? One common reason is the absence of a clear, concise understanding, definition, and connection among Aspiration, Strategy and Tactics.
Here is a helpful guide.

                                                      Aspiration: The big end in mind
                                                Strategy: What we have to do to make it happen
                                                Tactics: How we make it happen.


         Aspiration Become an anti-racist organization

         Strategy Make big bold changes to our harmful policies and interactions, and institute those
                              that  foster identity and create a sense of belonging

         Tactics  – Actively engage staff on an ongoing dynamic basis to note and continue the
                                policies and interactions that foster identity and create a sense of belonging.
                           –  Actively Engage staff on an ongoing dynamic basis to address and change our       
                               unexamined racist beliefs and practices.
                           –  Actively engage students and families to learn how our practices affect them, and
                               what we need to change and/or continue doing to foster a deep sense of identity
                               and create a sense of belonging. 


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