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Belans clearly elaborates the essential equity questions  that should be at the heart  of every decision  a school leader makes.  Dr. Mahalia Hines, President, Common Ground Foundation; Board Member, Obama Foundation; former Board Member, Chicago Board of Education   

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7 Essential Equity Questions


Linda Belans, EdD.

  • How are we beginning with Self to examine implicit and explicit biases?

  • What does an equitable school look like, feel, and sound like for students, staff and families?

  • How are we creating a sense of belonging?

  • How are we creating conditions for students, staff, and families to feel free to be authentic?

  • What are we doing to inhibit this?

  • How are we noticing and acting upon opportunities to interrupt systemic and structured racism, classism, sexism, and gender discrimination?

  • How are we actively creating equitable schools, organizations, and communities?


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